Photograph of Alexa DeJesus

Alexa DeJesus

Is a first-year Communication, Culture & Technology Master’s candidate at Georgetown University where she studies the development of identity, social change, and political reform through modern technologies. She serves as Editor-in-Chief at gnovis, an interdisciplinary academic journal for graduate students to explore the intersection of technology and society. Alexa also manages programs at the National Women’s Political Caucus, empowering pro-choice women to run for office and win!

Deborah Oliveros

Is a Master’s Degree candidate in Communication, Culture & Technology at Georgetown University. Her focus is on issues of media representation of women and other minorities. Specifically, the lack of representation void of stereotypes in popular culture media and its political impact. Prior to CCT, Deborah got her B.A. in Mass Communications in her home country, Venezuela, where she also attended film school. Currently, she is an intern in the Latin American Division at Voice of America. She’s particularly interested in the social impact of birth control as a channel for women’s empowerment.

Photograph of Mihika Sapru

Mihika Sapru

Is pursuing a Master’s degree in Communication, Culture & Technology with a focus on the strategic use of digital communication to transmit political messages; specifically the role of technology on personal attitudes of extremism and empathy. Prior to CCT, she spent two years working in a digital strategy and campaigns role at a global human rights organization where she spearheaded multimedia storytelling campaigns focusing on preventing gender-based violence, violence against immigrant women, and technology-facilitated forms of gendered violence.

Jiaying Yong

Is a first year M.A. candidate in the Communication, Culture and Technology program at Georgetown University where she focuses on strategic communication and public relations. She is also interested in the areas of advertising and new media production. Prior to CCT, she obtained a B.A. degree in Political Science and minored in Mass Communication at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Previous learning experience of children, gender and family drives her interest in exploring how Mirena works to enhance women’s autonomy over their bodies in a micro level, and how birth control technologies affect the whole society from a macro perspective.