The popularization of modern day birth control was a turning point for women’s liberation. This technology gave women the ability to treat a variety of medical conditions and reduce the risk of pregnancy. By being able to decide if and when to have children women earned autonomy with the freedom to work and live without the risk of getting pregnant. Today, there are various safe and effective methods of contraceptives, but much of the information is inaccessible. This website aims to educate and empower those who are interested in exploring a long-term hormonal birth control method.


What is Mirena – explore the technical components of Mirena.
Mirena & Your Body – find out if it’s right for you, how it’s inserted, and how it works to prevent pregnancy.
Mirena & Society – learn about the history of Mirena, socio-political factors, and listen to an expert.
Our Project – check out more about our team, what inspired our designs, and links to sources to learn more about Mirena.